• Epiduo® Gel – Journal Ad Campaign

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    McCann Echo (USA)

    Project Title: Epiduo® Gel – Journal Ad Campaign
    Client or Class Name: Galderma - www.galderma.com

    Epiduo® Gel Journal  Ads
    Putting  Physicians in Their Patients’  Shoes

    Treating acne can be frustrating. There’s often a disconnect between the quick results patients need to see to stay on treatment and the long-term control that physicians want. The psychological burden can be heavy for patients, but not always realized by physicians. For this reason, it was important to create an impactful campaign that allowed physicians to emotionally connect with acne patients while seeing the results from Epiduo® Gel.

    So, for our journal ads, which were featured in top dermatology and pediatric industry journals, we set ourselves apart. Instead of showcasing faces—the norm for acne campaigns—we chose to turn the camera on the ground. We created a visual that portrays how acne patients view their world—constantly looking down, avoiding eye contact. The last thing they want is for people to see their faces. Then we added copy that spoke to the psychosocial struggle many acne patients face—helping physicians understand how their patients with acne may feel. This combination of distinctive images and psychosocial copy connected with physicians in a way other campaigns haven’t before, and as a result, compelled physicians to want to learn more about Epiduo® Gel.

    2015 B2b Magazine Ad Campaign Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    EVP, Executive Creative Director:
    Juan Ramos

    VP, Associate Creative Director/Art:
    Darlene Heckman

    Associate Creative Director/Art:
    Susan Schickedanz

    Art Supervisor:
    Christopher Michaloski

    VP, Associate Creative Director/Copy:
    Karen Smith

    Copy Supervisor:
    Merissa Mayer

    Graphic Design Supervisor:
    George Abdy

    Director, Art Buying:
    Marialys Mullery

    Alli Arnold

    Digital Imaging Group Supervisor:
    Norbert Skowyra

    Senior Design Specialist:
    Harold Wilson

    VP, Account Director:
    William Lee

    Account Group Supervisor:
    Michelle Snell


    2015 B2b Magazine Ad Campaign Design Award Winner 2015 B2b Magazine Ad Campaign Design Award Winner 2015 B2b Magazine Ad Campaign Design Award Winner


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