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    University of Virginia (USA)

    Project Title: Else
    Client or Class Name: Studio Art - www.virginia.edu

    “C/I is a nonprofit that cultivates the potential of America’s underserved youth and narrow the technical skills gap in our economies and the opportunity gap in our communities.”

    This poster was created to be a transit ad for C/I in the subway of New York city to raise passengers’ attention on the underserved communities and to tell the public about the important truth that learning to code can change those young lives from the underserved communities.

    Computer Code is the simplest yet strongest language ever invented by human. At the same time, it is the tool C/I uses to change the lives from those underserved communities. In this advertising poster design: the power of code (thru the education of computer science) to change lives, the mission of C/I to stop poverty and the fact that people are urged to make actions, are extracted and composed into just one sentence, presented in the form of a simple and classic “if else” JavaScript structure which can be easily recognized and comprehended. This simply attracts the attention of the commuters and passengers who are always in a hurry, and in a few seconds, creates familiarity, awareness and an expression of urgency for the audience.

    2017 Student Digital Transit Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Zihan Chen


    2017 Student Digital Transit Design Award Winner


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