Dragon Lounge Series

Eco-Friendly or Sustainable Design

Hong Kong Trade Development Council (Hong Kong)

Project Title: Dragon Lounge Series
Client or Class Name: Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) - www.hktdc.com

Dragon Lounge Series


Held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) organises over 30 international trade fairs and events per year. The HKTDC’s internal creative department were briefed to design a reusable temporary VIP lounge(s) that can be utilised throughout the year.


  1. To reduce yearly construction waste by providing a reusable solution for a temporary multifunctional business space/relax zones for our VIP visitors.
  2. The overall design should uplift the image of the trade fairs. While the interior ambience requires to be conducive to business and relaxing.
  3. To resolve last minute layout or relocation changes, the new format(s) must be flexible. The time to assemble and setup should be no less than 1 day.

Design Solutions

  1. After closely examining of the various fairs, 3 sizes were developed small, medium and large from a prefabricated aluminum system. This approach provided a skeleton structure for reusability resulting in significant reduction on yearly construction waste.
  2. A psychologically refuge from the bustling trade show floor was created with our concept of “Natures Colors”. Three vivid colors schemes were developed, green, yellow and red in accordance to the size of the Dragon Lounge Series to bring the feeling of the great outdoors indoors to prolong the VIP visitors stay.
  3.  A fully flexibility system was created as all the decorative cladding system and lighting were easily mountable onto the core skeleton. This reduced the setup time and provided a solution to adopt to any last minute changes by the organizer.

2015 Sustainable Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Head of Creative, HKTDC:
Jason Cheung

Deputy Head of Creative, HKTDC:
Dury Chin

Assistant Manager, Graphic Design, Creative Dept, HKTDC:
Shirley Fung

Operation Manager, Creative, HKTDC:
Sheena Fung

Designer, Creative Dept, HKTDC:
Thomas Choi

Exhibition Designer, Creative Dept, HKTDC:
Joey Chan

Exhibition Designer, Creative Dept, HKTDC:
Joanne Lau


2015 Sustainable Design Award Winner 2015 Sustainable Design Award Winner


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