• Dragging pessimism down

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    Project Title: Dragging pessimism down
    Client or Class Name: Tu Phan, Concepting - https://miamiadschool.com/

    We understood that the most promising way to show millennials that Sonnet is there for all their big life moments is by protecting their optimism around their everyday negative moments. The internet has a lot of pessimistic content. We decided to flip these pessimistic moments online into positive ones. We created ‘Drag & Drop’, a plugin that customers can download from Sonnet’s website. The plugin replaces banner ads on the websites millennials visit most. People can drag and drop anything negative they see – comments, posts and more. The plugin spins negativity into fun content, while also rewarding customers with a discount on Sonnet’s insurance.


    Creative Team

    Prasiddha Thiyagarajan

    Art director :
    Sarah Hackett



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