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    Project Title: Dr. Praeger’s Packaging
    Client or Class Name: Dr. Praeger's - www.drpraegers.com

    Dr. Praeger’s is a 20 year old company founded on the principle of creating delicious, inventive foods with simple, wholesome ingredients. Their existing packaging, unfortunately communicated the opposite and looked as though it’s food created in a medical office. And who likes food that way?

    So when we took over the project, there was no discussion of “let’s make this brand evolve to something else.” It didn’t accurately represent the foods flavors or the company’s philosophies. So we created something that speaks to the delicious flavors made with simple ingredients with a more natural color palette, textured fabrics, perfectly imperfect fonts and mouth-watering photography. The element that anchors the whole thing and makes it unique to Dr. Praeger’s is the mortar and pestle logo, paying homage to the Doctors that founded the company.

    The client is thrilled with the response they are getting from buyers!


    Creative Team

    Becky Nelson

    Jeremy Dahl

    Daniela Anderson

    VP Marketing:
    David Cantor

    Strategic Positioning:
    Lucinda Wright, Greg Fleishman


    2016 Food Packaging Design Award Winner 2016 Food Packaging Design Award Winner 2016 Food Packaging Design Award Winner


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