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Project Title: Doritos Rainbow 3.0 (Mexico)
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Two years ago, Doritos created a strategy and movement that expresses the importance of equality, inclusion, diversity and love. In 2018, this unique idea emphasized the voice to the LGBTQ+ community in a new and creative way. This initiative is the latest development in a journey that enables the brand to speak out as a partner and collaborator.

For the Love Parade 2018, Doritos wanted to celebrate the expression of different people with one voice. Working with the design team, together they created the idea of ONE BOLD VOICE. ONE BOLD VOICE is a belief in the freedom to love without prejudice. Doritos believes in uniqueness and being authentic, but to live authentically you need to act with courage, and this differentiates our design thinking and media actions as a brand.

This led to a manifesto and strategy that blended the advantages of edgy packaging and socially enabled technology. Doritos used the packaging to amplify its messaging across socially connected digital platforms to unify a strong campaign initiative, all driven by one single idea – WE ARE PART OF #ONEBOLDVOICE.

The structure and nature of the idea blended design and technology which added unique challenges in terms of development and execution. Doritos activated the campaign by allowing brand loyalists to identify with the brand and the message of ONE BOLD VOICE and partnering with retailers to promote the campaign. By using the packaging as a canvas to visually express the message and retail activations to amplify the call to action, Doritos Rainbow had a significant impact.

Doritos Rainbow was hailed as innovative and effective as a communication platform for Pride and it also resulted in greater awareness of Doritos as a brand, and what Doritos stands for. Impacting millions of people, the strategy was about breaking down barriers by bringing everyone together with ONE BOLD VOICE.

2019 Food Packaging Design Award Winner


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2019 Food Packaging Design Award Winner 2019 Food Packaging Design Award Winner 2019 Food Packaging Design Award Winner 2019 Food Packaging Design Award Winner 2019 Food Packaging Design Award Winner 2019 Food Packaging Design Award Winner


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