Donnie Finnell, Self Portrait


Duncan/Channon (USA)

Project Title: Donnie Finnell, Self Portrait
Client or Class Name: Tip Records -

Donnie Finnell is a jazz singer who has been performing for more than 40 years. As a young man, Donnie tried to make it in New York. Eventually, he gave up to follow a girl to San Diego. After all these years of hopes and dreams, this is Donnie’s first album, nine neo-standards written by the producer and his brother. Sonically and graphically, the concept was to re-create those magical, hopeful days in the mid-Sixties when Donnie took his shot in the Big Apple. The graphics and typography pick up on Columbia and other recordings of that era. The photos are from Donnie’s collection. The front cover photo, found taped on a mirror above his dresser (hence the loose change in the lower right), is a self- portrait of Donnie in his tux at 21 ready to take on Manhattan. The back, completing the story — and the record’s vibe — is of him and the girl on the road in their rusty car headed west. The record was released on Tip Records, the label of the San Francisco ad/design agency Duncan/Channon, and designed by Duncan/Channon’s Jen Moe.

2014 LP Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Jennifer Moe

ECD, Copywriter:
Robert Duncan

Donnie Finnell

Carolyn Bormann


2014 LP Design Award Winner 2014 LP Design Award Winner