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    Project Title: DOCCHI-MO
    Client or Class Name: ACECOOK CO., LTD. - www.acecook.co.jp

    Ramen, one of the most popular Japanese foods (Japanese noodles with soup), the “DOCCHI-MO”  is an epoch-making instant noodles that you can choose from two styles of noodles you prefer, by your feeling or preference. You can choose to eat by the traditional way, also if you like; you can eat as fried noodles (Yaki-soba), by draining hot water using the functional paper-made lid. The word  “DOCCHI-MO” means “whichever / either is fine” in English, so the brand name itself expresses its characteristic. We represent pleasant concept of the product elicited by product design of using amusing faces of boy and girl.

    It’s a friendly designed loved by everyone from children to adults. In addition it has also appeared on the design of the lid. It’  s easy for us to understand the two types of recipes by reading the recipe drawn in the style of Manga (Japanese comic) on the lid. And the

    children’  s smiling face which were designed on the body to appeal to you as the noodle has “two kinds of taste / bi-tasty”  . The concept of the product is, “one cup, multiple choice”  , which gives consumer curiosity to buy more to try two tastes, it also lead to the activation of the market.

    2015 Food Packaging Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Creative Director:
    Manabu Miya

    Art Director:
    Eriko Fukagawa

    Asuka Nomoto

    Kenji Hosoda

    Jiyon-Hiyo An

    Photo Editor:
    Kiyohiko Hotti

    Photo Editor:
    Hase Kouhei

    Tomoko Kitagawa

    Exective producer:
    Shinichi Naruke

    Creative Team:
    Noodles Design

    Photography Studio:
    Harimazaka Studio


    2015 Food Packaging Design Award Winner 2015 Food Packaging Design Award Winner 2015 Food Packaging Design Award Winner


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