“Disappearing for the Missing”

New Media
Social Media

Project Title: “Disappearing for the Missing”
Client or Class Name: Portfolio Program - www.miamiadschool.com

Abduction is used by governments and crime-organizations alike to silence, profit and control. The first 24 hours after an abduction are crucial—and while we may not be capable of doing much on our own, together we can build a formidable network.

“Disappearing for the Missing” is an initiative that uses the collective power of social media to reclaim those who have gone missing in a meaningful, innovative and impactful manner.

We believe “Disappearing for the Missing” can revolutionize the way we search for missing people. Awareness, an interconnected network of people, geospecific messaging—these are all inherent to social media, and also incredibly useful when it comes to finding those who have been abducted. So why let social media be just about socializing, when it can double as a powerful tool for justice? We believe “Disappearing for the Missing” proves that, and can become a powerful first step towards the mainstream use of social media for good.


Creative Team

Art Director:
Joao Magalhaes

Art Director:
Zuheir Kotob

Humberto Belli



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