Dell Small Business Catalog, February


Wunderman Production (United States)

Project Title: Dell Small Business Catalog, February
Client or Class Name: Dell -

Don’t get trashed. Creating catalogs businesses actually want.


How do you get your catalog into a business owner’s hands, not their trash bin? They’re too slammed to open their real mail, let alone your pitch. The assignment: strategically reimagine the catalog so it speaks to the needs of small businesses while positioning Dell as a respected brand with real business solutions. AKA: make the client’s phone ring!


The new catalog has to offer more than dull product descriptions and staid techy photos. It has to be visually exciting, tell a story, be easy to skim yet have real meat on its bones. Bottom line? Make it less like a tech catalog and more like a cool magazine for small business owners with big dreams.

Big Idea

Say hello to the advertorial catalog. The new book arrives with a beautiful cover featuring a successful entrepreneur who parlays her passion into a thriving business (with Dell products, of course). The format is a blend of business insights, case studies and product education. It’s relatable and friendly. Aspirational photography and sleek, sexy product shots give the brand attitude and swagger. The result: an innovative catalog that’s attractive and useful enough to keep for both reference and a jolt of inspiration.


How do you know your redesign hit the mark? Easy. Measurable increases in calls, clicks and sales plus some very happy (very important) clients.

The stats:

  • Doubled circulation
  • 16% performance increase
  • 19% better at driving innovation
  • 13% better at purchase intent


The clients:

“This is the best catalog we’ve ever done.”
Karen Quintos, Senior Vice President, CMO, Dell

“I love the new SB catalog. So happy to see that extended to the Consumer catalog.”
Allison Dew, Global Marketing VP, End User Computing, Dell

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Creative Team

Executive Creative Director:
Steve Miller

Creative Director:
Alison Cannon

Account Director:
Dechella Rice

Senior Copywriter:
Sharon Turnbull

Michael Streiter

Junior Copywriter:
Will Lopez



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