• Defending Life: The Immune Ecosystem

    Animated Film

    Random42 Scientific Communication (United Kingdom)

    Project Title: Defending Life: The Immune Ecosystem
    Client or Class Name: Amgen - www.amgen.com

    The animation offers the viewer a journey through the body, visualising an exciting new prospect of cancer treatment: immunotherapy. It explores a variety of different cell types within the body highlighting the role of cellular proteins in cancer, and how they can be used as targets to try to overcome the burden of cancer using immunotherapy. The animation allows Amgen to inform on this new method of treating cancer in an understandable yet immersive way, whilst emphasising their vital contribution to improving cancer treatment. It serves as a powerful tool for showcasing the benefits of immunotherapy to the target audience.

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    Creative Team

    Medical Director:
    Ben Ramsbottom

    Creative Director:
    Matt Sugars

    Senior Art Director:
    Uli Kilian

    Art Director:
    Leo Chilcott

    Science Director:
    Elly Spreckley

    3D Artist:
    Faiz Nabheebucus

    3D Artist:
    Simeon Ganev

    3D Artist:
    Tolga Ari

    3D Artist:
    Emily Ellis

    3D Artist:
    Liz Peach

    3D Artist:
    Ignas Pocius



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