“Create Amazing”— A Rebrand of Agency Spirit

Creative Firm Self Promotion

McCann Health New Jersey (USA)

Project Title: “Create Amazing”— A Rebrand of Agency Spirit
Client or Class Name: McCann Health New Jersey - https://www.mccannhealth.com

As the first and only healthcare communications agency in New Jersey to be selected as one of Ad Age’s Best Places to Work, we take pride in our industry-leading culture and we needed to share the news in a big way. To highlight this achievement and continue to attract top-notch talent, we had to rebrand and bring our agency spirit to life. We aren’t your typical healthcare communications agency—we lead the pack.   The first step was to revamp our online presence, so we launched a redesigned website, establishing, loud and clear, our new, bold mantra: “ CREATE AMAZING .” But we didn’t want to keep our refreshed look and attitude confined to the interwebs. Our next step was to enhance the MHNJ brick-and-mortar presence with larger-than-life wall décor inspired by the vibrant graphics and powerful language from the website. Additionally, our meeting rooms were named after amazing places throughout the world—such as the Taj Mahal and Grand Canyon. The updates generated buzz and excitement around the office.   From there, an internal poster campaign was designed to highlight the agency’s industry-leading culture. An image of wolves from the website was selected for the campaign to show that at MHNJ, we are truly a pack—a family—of creators who work smart and follow our instincts.   In the spirit of tirelessly creating amazing , additional rebranding efforts are already slated, including an exciting video that brings to life the create amazing mentality. In short, we pride ourselves on making a meaningful difference and delivering the most amazing experience for client partners and team members alike—and our rebranding initiatives reflect this wholeheartedly.

2019 Creative Firm Self Promotion Campaign Design Award Winner



Creative Team

Marcia Goddard

VP, Director, Engagement:
Gordon Clark

Associate Creative Director, Copy:
Diana Krulik-Bentzen

VP, Associate Creative Director, Art:
Christian Gorrie

Group Copy Supervisor:
Fiana Jackameit

Group Art Supervisor:
Chris Moniello

Senior User Experience Architect:
Jai Brinkofski

User Experience Architect:
Sara Reffler



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