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    Project Title: Cravory Cookies Packaging
    Client or Class Name: Cravory Cookies - www.thecravory.com

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    Cravory Cookies is a gourmet cookie brand, specializing in innovative-flavors and rustic-style cookies. When they opened their first retail location, we wanted to create a special box that would work on location as well as for their online business. To maximize dollars, we needed the box to also accommodate varying quantities: a half dozen, a dozen and two dozen were common orders.

    The flavors demanded luxury packaging, but the rustic quality of the cookies themselves asked for a package that reflected the casual and spontaneous attitude of the hand-held dessert.

    By combining a six-pack style bottom with a jewelry box-style top, the box perfectly expressed the “grabable luxury” of the product. One can’t help but take the handle to instantly have a great gift to bring to a party, send to a friend or save to enjoy yourself.

    We created “bumpers” that can easily pop into the six-pack partitions, so if an order comes through with a smaller quantity, the cookies still sit near the top of the box. The handle also folds down and fits into the USPS shipping box snug for online orders.

    We couldn’t be more proud of this creation. It communicates The Cravory in a unique and unexpected way and we found a way to maximize the clients’ dollars by creating a piece that can be used with varying quantities and different delivery methods.

    2015 Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Daniela Anderson

    Jeremy Dahl

    Becky Nelson


    2015 Design Award Winner 2015 Design Award Winner 2015 Design Award Winner


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