• Crater – Impact Your Mind!

    Mobile Applications
    Mobile Applications

    University of Virginia (USA)

    Project Title: Crater – Impact Your Mind!
    Client or Class Name: Studio Art - www.virginia.edu

    Crater is a numerical puzzle game that was designed and developed for iOS devices. I led the project and designed the game. As a designer, I tried to make a game that is simple on rules and controls yet difficult and mind teasing . It is a puzzle game based on numbers. What makes it different from all others is the fact that it challenges your ability of estimation and tests your judgement on the overall numerical pattern.

    Right after published, the game was featured or appeared on: French App Store; AppAdvice; SSPAI; Top 10 (subcategory of game) on the App Store in China; Top 20 (subcategory of game) on the App Store in the US; iFanr; Waerfa; Zuimeia and many more.

    It is available for download for free on the App Store. Please go ahead and experience it:

    2017 Student Entertainment App Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Zihan Chen



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