Cover By Artists

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Hanyang University (South Korea)

Project Title: Cover By Artists
Client or Class Name: SOL Academy -

There are three kinds of people in the world – Live music lovers, People who don’t know live music is good, and People who don’t like live music. Live music lovers know the value and excitement of live music. According to Nielson, U.S. adults 18+ who have gone to at least one concert/festival in the past year spend 60% of their average annual music spend on live events. Then, why some people don’t know the value and excitement of live music? Perhaps, there isn’t enough opportunity for them to listen live music from their favorite singer? If so, let’s give them a chance.



Creative Team

Creative Director:
Donghoon Lee

Art Director:
Sangmin Lee

Art Director :
Tyson Park

Art Director :
Jisun Ryu



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