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    arndtteunissen GmbH (Germany)

    Project Title: Mark-E Landing Page
    Client or Class Name: ENERVIE – Südwestfalen Energie und Wasser AG - www.mark-e.de/flatrate

    Mark-E has been in operation for over 100 years as a subsidiary of ENERVIE Südwestfalen Energie und Wasser AG. One of the largest service providers in North Rhine-Westphalia in its industry today, it supplies around 300,000 customers with electricity, gas, water, drinking water and other energy-related services.

    We were asked to develop a campaign in the city of Duisburg to generate awareness for a new electricity flat-rate. The task: To set Mark-E apart from its rivals through a certain “volume” and the eye-catching accentuation of product advantages. The campaign was intended for publication on both classic and online channels.

    As well as print media such as flyers and city lights, we also developed a landing page. This was the first digital measure to be implemented in the existing corporate design. The typography was optimized accordingly and is therefore easy for the user to read online. Thanks to the dominance of the color orange, the “speech bubble” key visual stands out against the white background and also sets itself apart from rival advertising measures.

    The content of the speech bubble, which appears directly in the page header, addresses the people of Duisburg directly. The intent of the communication “at eye-level” and “with a twinkle in the eye” is to convey the message in a friendly and comprehensible manner. No comparison is drawn to other suppliers. Instead, the advantages of the flat-rate are presented. Specific information is provided with regard to price, classification and registration with the supplier. Finally, participation in a competition temptingly promises the chance to win 24 months of free electricity.

    Due to reducing elements to “the bare minimum”, the user is led simply through the landing page. A user-friendly interface underscores the simplicity of the new electricity flat-rate and thereby entices users to book the offer.

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    2017 Consumer Website Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Creative Director:
    Benjamin Arndt

    Art Director:
    Julia Warnecke

    Communication Designer:
    Marcel Schindler

    Backend Developer:
    Tim Schreiner

    Frontend Developer:
    Timo Wadenpohl

    Project Manager:
    Christian Malling



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