DAEKI & JUN Studio (South Korea)

    Project Title: CENTER 2 CENTER
    Client or Class Name: CENTER 2 CENTER - www.daekiandjun.com

    This project designed the logo for CENTER 2 CENTER, an independent publishing project specializing in culture and arts.

    “CETNER 2 CENTER” refers to “center to center,” an architectural term referring to the connection from the center of one material to that of another. The main visual motif of the logo was based on the definition of the phrase, meaning the company links the center of books, readers, and other elements to bring them together.

    This poster utilized two methods of 1) putting up on the wall and 2) wearing. In order to enable the two modes of display, the poster was textile-printed on fabric, not paper. After the printing work, the human head section colored in yellow was cut out, which in turn was finished by sewing. As a result, the art work, while acting as a traditional poster that goes up on the wall, is also one that utilizes a new method of allowing people to wear it.

    Please see the following link. – https://goo.gl/RBE1Iu

    2016 Poster Campaign Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Art Director & Designer:
    Daeki Shim

    Art Director & Designer:
    Hyojun Shim

    Intern Designer:
    Somin Lee



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