• Celgene Stained Glass Convention Booth

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    McCann Torre Lazur (USA)

    Project Title: Celgene Stained Glass Convention Booth
    Client or Class Name: Celgene Biotechnology Company - https://www.celgene.com

    To execute the STAINED GLASS campaign, the creative team connected with an extraordinary local artist who created 3 original, handcrafted pieces of art. Each piece features a multicolored human profile, with a brain tinted in different shades of grey to once again emphasize the importance of Grey Matter when treating MS.

    At the same time, the team worked closely with a specialty firm to construct a one-of-a-kind booth that helped bring the works of art to life. It was important that the booth be as intriguing as the art itself. The end goal was to unveil the initiative in April 2018, at the largest congress for Neurologists in the US. The fully immersive booth included a range of activities, including digital edu-tainment. Along with the booth, a comprehensive website was rolled out to provide in-depth information.

    This campaign reminds us that great art tells a story. And this story is starting to change the conversation about MS.

    2018 Trade Show Display or Exhibition Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Marcia Goddard

    Creative Director:
    Deb Feath

    Associate Creative Director, Copy:
    Jason Decker

    Group Copy Supervisor:
    Bob Jones

    Dane Gianarkis

    Group Art Supervisor:
    Ying Wong

    Senior Art Director:
    Brian Manna

    VP, Management Supervisor:
    Kathleen Shannon

    Account Group Supervisor:
    Jessica Richmond

    VP, Strategic Planner:
    Brian Scranton

    Group Copy Supervisor:
    Rebecca Karger

    VP, Director of Integrated Creative Services:
    Jennifer Dee

    Scientific Strategist :
    Jaime Kaminer

    Strategic Planner:
    Colleen Sweeney

    Beau Stanton



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