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    Project Title: Celestial Seasonings Website Redesign
    Client or Class Name: Celestial Seasonings - www.celestialseasonings.com/

    Celestial Seasonings is a classic tea brand with a loyal consumer following that values Celestial’s promise of a tea that is “blended with care: from seed to sip.” Since it was founded in 1969, Celestial has been known for its variety of seasonal and mainstay blends such as Red Zinger and Sleepytime. But in 2015, Celestial embarked on a journey to reinvent the brand in an effort to remain relevant to younger consumers while maintaining its classic heritage with its longtime loyals. To reinvigorate the brand Celestial refreshed their packaging on all their core items, introduced a new premium line of bagged teas, and even launched their very own line of ready-to-drink and concentrate lattes.

    To help with the re-launch of this classic brand , Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide was tasked with rebuilding the Celestial Seasonings website, including back-end and front- end development.

    The new site was intended to appeal to both current core Celestial consumers, as well as new consumers who may not know Celestial or be aware of the variety of teas they offer.

    Further, the new website intended to meet the following key objectives:

    • Appeal to a younger, more digitally engaged consumer
    • Make it easy for current and future consumers to find teas
    • Provide relevant opportunities for continued engagement and return site visits
    • Communicate to loyal consumers the full breadth of Celestial Seasonings’ tea varieties
    • Communicate the rich heritage of the brand
    • Convey the “Blended with Care: From Seed to Sip” craftsmanship story
    • Introduce new usage occasions for enjoying tea
    • Be fully responsive so it is easily accessible across any device

    2016 Consumer Website Design Award Winner

    Click this image for current site – see “before” images in the gallery below


    Creative Team

    Creative Director:
    Kevin Gilsdorf

    Associate Creative Director:
    Karin Waszazak

    Management Supervisor:
    Erich Parker

    Senior Developer:
    Dan Boland

    VP Digital Strategist:
    Sarah VanHeirseele

    Art Director/Designer:
    Mike Guerriero

    Kit Fries

    Penni Epstein

    Val Trubachev


    2016 Consumer Website Design Award Winner 2016 Consumer Website Design Award Winner 2016 Consumer Website Design Award Winner


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