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    Project Title: Catherine & Nick Wedding Passports
    Client or Class Name: Catherine & Nick - n/a

    When a Canada border service agent approached us to design his wedding invitation, the solution was clear; a passport!

    This passport, which looks true to the Canadian passport from design to the linen stock its printed on, is packed full of custom details important to the couple and with a layout true to an actual passport. The cover illustration incorporates the couple’s initials and heritage (represented by Swedish, Moroccan, Canadian and Quebec flag elements). Also illustrated are passport “stamps” that mark milestones in the couple’s relationship (their first date, the day they moved in together and their wedding date). The passport includes all wedding details from the ceremony, menu, to the story of how the adventure-loving couple met.

    Their seat belts are buckled and they’re ready to take off to the next chapter in their lives. We were happy to help to create these memorable wedding invitations that are truly custom and unique.

    2017 Invitation Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Creative Director:
    Elana Rudick

    Graphic Designer, Illustrator:
    Martha Gabriela

    Graphic Designer:
    Jonathan Bisson Duclos

    Graphic Designer:
    Pam Menegakis


    2017 Invitation Design Award Winner 2017 Invitation Design Award Winner 2017 Invitation Design Award Winner 2017 Invitation Design Award Winner


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