• Care Seat

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    frog ad school (South Korea)

    Project Title: Care Seat
    Client or Class Name: FrogAdSchool -

    It is difficult for pregnant woman to sit on a priority seat, since this space has been changed for visible people who need to be protected. Especially woman who is in the early stage of pregnancy, have more difficulty to find their seat because they don’t ‘look’ pregnant.

    Care seat is a technology that helps pregnant women to use bus safely through folding seats. If pregnant woman tag the card on a seat via NFC, it will be unlocked and they can use this seat freely. By Care-seat, pregnant women can get proper care without any inconvenience in the bus.


    Creative Team

    Creative Director:
    JiHyun Seo

    Account Planner:
    MinA Park

    Art Director:
    JaeYun Cho



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