• Cafri Mozziesticker

    Food & Beverage

    frog ad school (South Korea)

    Project Title: Cafri Mozziesticker
    Client or Class Name: FROGADSCHOOL - n/a

    Recently, beer market of South Korea has been fiercely competitive due to launch of new brands of domestic brewery and imports of foreign beer brands. Especially, premium beer with strong points in various aspects such as taste, flavor, and bottle design has been launched in succession. In this process, premium beer of OB, ‘Cafri’ is gradually becoming less competitive and being excluded from consideration set of beer drinker. Under this circumstance, we would like to include Cafri, which has positioned itself as an “outdoor beer” into consideration set by providing fresh experience.

    2017 Student Packaging Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Planner & Copywriter:
    Myeongjin Kwak

    Planner & Copywriter:
    Seungyeob Kim

    Planner & Copywriter:
    Seunghoon Seo

    SiYun Jeong



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