• Burger Kingdom

    Alternative Media
    Integrated Campaign

    Project Title: Burger Kingdom
    Client or Class Name: Miami Ad School - www.miamiadschool.com

    When Gen Z aren’t fans of the Whopper, how do you convince young people that it, in fact, doesn’t suck? Ridicule something they’re even less fond of! British youth are bummed about Brexit, and so is Burger King. The UK imports over half its beef from the EU, meaning Brexit could threaten Burger King’s ability to continue serving 100% beef Whoppers. Unacceptable! Rather than risk that fate, Burger King will instead secede and form its own nation: the Burger Kingdom.

    Judge Commentary: “Great idea. Thank you for actually executing creative examples of advertising, loyalty program materials, etc. This is what sets you apart from almost every other entry in this show!”


    Creative Team

    Art Director:
    Connor Witt

    Art Director:
    Lee Koppel



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