Bringing Ease-of-Use to the B2B Legal Industry

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Everlaw (USA)

Project Title: Bringing Ease-of-Use to the B2B Legal Industry
Client or Class Name: Everlaw -

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Everlaw Redesign: Creative Brief

Project: Redesign of Everlaw B2B Cloud Software

Business Objective(s):

  • Brand Affinity: Increase user satisfaction with software
  • Brand Advocacy: Increase likelihood that users would recommend software to others

Project Objective(s): Implement Momentum Design: sustain user momentum across site by minimizing wait times, confusion, inconsistency, etc.

Project Strategies:

  • Address user-identified pain points which interfere with momentum
  • Standardize visual style and interactivity, so actions are predictable and require less training
  • Simplify session start (dashboard), so work can be picked back up quickly

Project Deliverables:

  1. Color Swatches
  2. Fonts
  3. Illustration Style
  4. Interface Elements
  5. Page Design Prototypes
  6. Page Interactivity Prototypes

 Timing: Begin October 2014; Launch January 26, 2015

Target Audience: Current (and future) users of Everlaw software

  • Profession: Legal professionals (lawyers, paralegals, litigation support personnel), working at large law firms (e.g. Hagens Berman), state attorneys general, or medium-sized law firms (e.g. Girard)
  • Age: Adults 25-65
  • Psychographics: Varying levels of technical interest and expertise

 Success Measures:

  • Brand Affinity:
    • (Change in) Time spent performing most common actions: searching, navigating between documents, rating documents, coding documents, adding documents to arguments/depositions, using internal messaging
    • (Change in) Answers to quarterly user feedback survey
    • (Change in) Number of support cases logged with questions/complaints
  • Brand Advocacy:
    • (Change in) NPS Score
    • (Change in) Number of referrals from existing clients (in answer to question of where heard about software during sales demo)
    • (Change in) Social media mentions/recommendations
    • (Change in) Percent of cases litigated by existing clients using Everlaw software

Technical Requirements:

  • Accessibility on desktop, tablet, and mobile – including small and very large screens
  • Accessibility in all modern browsers (e.g. IE10+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera)
  • Minimal load time (e.g. minified CSS and JS, image compression, caching)
  • Data security
  • Retention of all current functionality


Creative Team

Product Designer:
Kat Fukui

AJ Shankar


2015 Graphical User Interface Design Award Winner 2015 Graphical User Interface Design Award Winner 2015 Graphical User Interface Design Award Winner