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    McCann Torre Lazur (USA)

    Project Title: Brilinta Social Proof
    Client or Class Name: McCann Torre Lazur - www.mccanntorrelazur.com

    Campaign Objective:

    Before the social proof campaign went into effect, customers were presented with rational, clinical data. They often had individual biases that led to skepticism about BRILINTA and its data, despite data showing a clear and significant head-to-head benefit over generic clopidogrel, the most prescribed competitor and market leader for more than a decade. The goal of the social proof campaign was to reset that bias by not only showing that an increasing number of the customer’s peers were using BRILINTA, but also that major advocacy groups were recommending BRILINTA over generic clopidogrel.


    Creative Strategy:

    The social proof messages were rolled out in an infographic approach. Market research showed that when 3 of these types of messages appeared together, the sum was always greater than the individual parts. As a result, whenever these messages were presented, they were always presented in a group of 4. The only exception to this rule was the guidelines messages, which were strong enough social proof to stand alone.


    Target Audience:

    Our target audience was Interventional and Community Cardiologists. These HCPs are the initiators—the key oral antiplatelet prescribers. When a heart attack strikes, they are on the frontline.

    2016 Integrated Campaign Design Award Winner
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    Creative Team

    Chief Creative Officer:
    Marcia Goddard

    Creative Director:
    Deb Feath

    ACD, Copy:
    Jason Coleman

    ACD, Art:
    Jamie Kent

    Art Supervisor:
    Heather Canova

    Art Supervisor:
    Ying Wong

    Copy Supervisor:
    Dana Bevaqua

    Sr. Copywriter:
    Gregson Mathe


    2016 Integrated Campaign Design Award Winner 2016 Integrated Campaign Design Award Winner 2016 Integrated Campaign Design Award Winner


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