• BiTE Antibodies

    Animated Film

    Random42 Scientific Communication (United Kingdom)

    Project Title: BiTE Antibodies
    Client or Class Name: Amgen - https://www.amgen.com

    This animation was created by Random42 to emphasise the impact of BiTE antibodies on the engagement of T cells with cancer cells. The animation was intended for an audience of healthcare professionals at an international congress.

    Cytotoxic T cells are highly specific immune cells that can directly kill cancer cells in the human body. However, some cancer cells can evade immune recognition via various mechanisms. This has led researchers to look to improve cancer cell recognition by immune cells. Our animation showcases the important finding of bispecific T cell engager (or BiTE®) antibodies that bind to both cancer cells and cytotoxic T cells, allowing highly targeted killing of cancer cells. Researchers have designed BiTE® antibodies with enhanced features to extend the lifetime of the antibody when given to patients, which is a significant step towards improving cancer treatment.


    Creative Team

    Medical Director:
    Ben Ramsbottom

    Art Director:
    Leo Chilcott

    Science Director:
    Jennifer Haas

    3D Artist:
    Faiz Nabheebucus

    3D Artist:
    Ignas Pocius

    3D Artist:
    Simeon Ganev

    3D Artistrand:
    Diane Thirault



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