• Beteen

    Alternative Media
    Ambient Media

    frog ad school (South Korea)

    Project Title: Beteen
    Client or Class Name: FrogAdSchool -

    Depending on the survey of contraceptive research, 54% of Korean teenagers answered that they do not use contraception because over 26% of them do not have contraceptive tools. Even if a teenager want to buy a contraceptive device, age verification is required when searching for a condom on a portal site. Beteen is an app for couples to send messages or photos. Beteen would create fake vending machine service to help teenagers can buy condoms easily for those who verified as teenager via between app. Fake vending machine looks the same as normal vending machine, but the only difference is contents of snacks. It contains condoms, when users buy the snacks after getting hidden number on “between”. Between would help teenagers to buy condom without being shameless, and can reduce the abortion of teenagers.



    Creative Team

    Creative Director:
    JiHyun Seo

    Art Director:
    JaeYun Cho

    Account Plannerfrog:
    MinA Park



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