Battle of the Brits, Mods vs Rockers Exhibit

Trade Show Exhibition Displays/Graphics

AWCoMAD, Drexel University (USA)

Project Title: Battle of the Brits, Mods vs Rockers Exhibit
Client or Class Name: Course: Senior Thesis -

Intended Age 12 and older

Design Criteria/Description:

This exhibit explores the various aspects that made up two different youth subcultures existing in early 1960s London: the mods and the rockers. Battle of the Brits examines the feud between the two groups and how they were different in terms of style, music taste, and hobbies. The conclusion of the exhibit explores different subcultures that emerged out of London beginning in the late 1960s that were influenced by the mods and rockers. The exhibit is broken down into six sections: the Brawl, the Origins, the Getup, the Tunes, the Scene, and the Aftermath. Each section has its own specific color applied to it to be combined with the main color palette of graphic black and white. The shiny black flooring is meant to reflect the graphics on the walls as well as allude to the different leather clothing each group wore. I drew pattern inspiration from 1960s textiles and op-art. I combined this with old archival photos from the subcultures to really transport you back to a very specific place and time in history. Audience interaction with the exhibit is also encouraged through many different elements: phone booths that you may enter and listen to music in, scooters and motorcycles guests are encouraged to sit upon, and a quiz at the end of the exhibit that places the viewer into a subculture that they’ve just learned about.

2015 Student Exhibit Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Student Designer:
Sarah Kenyon

Shushi Yoshinaga


2015 Student Exhibit Design Award Winner 2015 Student Exhibit Design Award Winner 2015 Student Exhibit Design Award Winner


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