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Project Title: Bahlsen Seasonal Sleeves
Client or Class Name: Bahlsen -

Bahlsen Creative Brief
Bahlsen came to QNY to showcase seasonal items in a way that would impact sales meaningfully without incurring the cost of repackaging the product. QNY solved accommodated this demand with excellent results by creating custom illustrated sleeves which fit already existing packaged products. Each sleeve fits two cookie boxes.The Fall Moments packaging is a warm and meticulously illustrated celebration of the arrival of the fall season. The two pack features the Butter Leaves cookies, which come alive in the illustration as real-life fallen leaves on the cozy park landscape that adorns the frame. The warm hues of orange and brown breathe life into the scenery and provide a compelling contrast for Bahlsen’s on-brand navy blue frame. The delicate leaves adorn the back of the box as well, for a cohesive all-encompassing absolutely charming visual style.Fall Moments is complemented by our celebratory Oktoberfest packaging, a more direct visual reference into the German heritage of the brand with illustrated folklore costumes and bright colors. The modern, vectorized line work of the illustrations is beautifully enhanced by the Delice cookies, showcased in their full, delectable texture. The scenery exudes brightness with light, pastel-cool shades that are happy and lively. They light up the scenery, which features a picnic, mountains, an amusement park, a hot air balloon, and a dancing couple. The chosen gothic script cements the German atmosphere of celebration with a bold edge, and consistently recalls Bahlsen’s brand colors.QNY has developed a canvas for the holiday occasions that enables not only to drive sales and capitalize on seasonal items.The result has given Bahlsen an exceptional sales lift, and has celebrated the cultural heritage of the brand, showcasing it to a whole new public and widening the range of favorite cookies amongst the American public from this iconic German favorite.

2019 Food Packaging Design Award Winner



Creative Team

Lead Designer:
Samantha Clemente

Lead Designer:
Iker Iza

Marketing Manager:
James Ferranti

Head of Marketing Bahlsen North America:
Sonja Van Daelen

Graphic Designer:
Dan King

Graphic Designer:
Ana Camero

Valentina Robotti


2019 Food Packaging Design Award Winner 2019 Food Packaging Design Award Winner 2019 Food Packaging Design Award Winner


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