Babies & Kids Bubble Bath – Lemon Lavender

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Project Title: Babies & Kids Bubble Bath – Lemon Lavender
Client or Class Name: Alaffia -

Alaffia’s core values are naturally sourced ingredients, a Social Enterprise business model, and a commitment to products that are free from the things that aren’t good for us.

Founded in 2003, Alaffia sources its flagship ingredients–shea butter, coconut oil and black soap–via its women’s cooperatives in West Africa and produces its suite of efficacious body, hair and skin care products at its US HQ (Olympia, Washington).

Additionally, Alaffia conducts its Empowerment Projects – targeted areas of sustainable development – in West Africa, directly impacting close to 80,000 lives as of mid-2018.

Alaffia’s core values and vision are also communicated throughout product packaging, telling the brand’s story and sharing its personality in fun, unique ways.

Several product lines feature packaging made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, further underscoring Alaffia’s commitment to positively impacting the world.

The playful and fantastical creatures at the center of Alaffia’s Babies & Kids packaging redesign were inspired by a combination of African wildlife, the works of Dr. Seuss, and a devoted father observing his son’s mannerisms.

Savanna-grazing, tree-climbing, and skyward creatures native to Togo and other parts of West Africa bare striking similarities to children when it comes to bathtime routines. Tough-to-tame hair and grass-stained knees are magically cleaned up like the Cat in the Hat’s magic cleaning machine after a raucous day of play.

The talented Ben Wilson, former Sr. Graphic Designer at Alaffia, also observed his own son’s behavior to capture the right balance between the wild child before he gets cleaned and the one sleeping soundlessly after a warm bath. Furthermore, according to Mr. Wilson, “there was one image in particular by Paul Klee that inspired the style of how I ended up creating the characters. Then, as I was working on them, it reminded me of Eric Carle’s collage and paste process.”

2018 Health and Beauty packaging Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Former Sr. Graphic Designer:
Ben Wilson



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