• AutonomUs Self Driving Car

    Alternative Media
    Guerrilla Marketing

    Miami Ad School New York (USA)

    Project Title: AutonomUs Self Driving Car
    Client or Class Name: Miami Ad School - https://www.miamiadschool.com

    The Background:

    In the not-too-distant future, autonomous cars will start to become the norm (probably). And car owners will benefit from their added safety, increased productivity, cheaper insurance, smoother ride and many other things. But there will always be those who reject the new and want to stay in control behind the wheel. So how do we persuade those potential customers to embrace the future?

    The Product:

    A self-driving family car from a major car company (you pick the name and brand).

    The Ask:

    Come up with a creative platform or idea that will shift the audience’s perception of this new mode of transportation. How would we talk about it? How would we demonstrate the benefits? How could we encourage ‘test rides’? What will generate PR buzz?


    Creative Team

    Art Director:
    Max Cohen

    Ana Miraglia



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