“Australia Day”

Newspaper Ad


Project Title: “Australia Day”
Client or Class Name: Mondelez - www.mondelezinternational.com

By mid-­‐2014, Mondelez needed to reverse a steady sales decline of Philadelphia Pourovers – tubs of soft cream cheese covered with dressing when turned onto a plate. More alarmingly, the dips category grew 5.5%, while awareness of Pourovers fell 20 points and sales value dropped 3.2%. A campaign was required to arrest this decline and deliver increased sales of 5%.

Achieving this sales turnaround meant the immediate marketing goal was to get back on the shopping lists of lapsed or infrequent users. The campaign needed to create quick and positive shifts in awareness, recall and intent to purchase.

On average, consumers attend or host 33 ‘casual entertaining’ occasions every year, with dips ever-present. Many brands chase seasonal sales spikes at New Year’s Eve with heavy sales promotion, so we targeted ‘impromptu social occasions’ (i.e. weekend get­togethers, book clubs, TV finales). As a result, we anchored Pourovers to these ‘impromptu social occasions’ to provide a clear and distinctive occasion positioning in consumers’ minds. Among our target market (primarily women aged 30-­54), great importance was placed on social connection at these occasions. While our strategy focused on social media, press was also used to target this audience.

Visually, the image became the idea, carrying the branding, occasion and social mood on its own. To build visual distinction, we used the product in its served form as the basis of distinctive visual iconography to trigger the right memories and emotions. For lapsed users, the product on a plate with the sauce oozing down the side is the most distinctive memory trigger.

To create topical press executions, we combined the distinctive visual of the Pourover itself with icons representing a core set of impromptu social occasions, including Australia Day barbeques, book clubs, important TV series moments, the first day of summer, etc.

A final line-up of 12 occasions was selected, with iconic moulds created that represented quintessential moments of the selected occasions. The campaign was extremely successful in driving consideration, consistently high interest in the product and substantial sales growth.

Campaign Post-­Analysis by Nielsen Brand Effect found: “27 point lift in ad recall”, “close to five times the norm.” The message alignment of 23% “an 8 point lift in message agreement” (are Philadelphia Pourovers good for entertaining?) “double the online advertising norm.” As well as purchase intent of 18% “an 8 point lift in purchase intent” “outstanding results when compared to the norm of (-­1pt) and indicates a shift in consumer behaviour following campaign exposure”.

2015 Consumer Newspaper Ad Design Award Winner



Creative Team

Worldwide Chief Creative Officer:
Gaston Legorburu

Creative Director:
Ralph Barnett

Senior Art Director:
Sarah Chernishov

Kirstin Twigg

Head of Strategy:
Phil Phelan

Amanda Windus

Finten McGivern

Account Manager:
Mike Redfurn

Account Manager:
Alexandra Harrison

Social Media Lead:
Dan Wilkinson

Melissa Ashman

John Shard



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