Audio Blur

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Project Title: Audio Blur
Client or Class Name: Leila Moussaoui, Everything is media -

We were asked to get people to visualise hearing loss. Millennials complaining of hearing loss aren’t really aware of the mild, moderate and high-frequency hearing losses because they have a preconceived notion that hearing loss means absolute deafness. In order to shatter this notion, and make sure they take note of this early symptom, AHL hacks people’s Instagram on World Deafness day by playing the videos on their feed in multiple audio blur modes mimicking the different degrees of hearing losses, leading them to the online hearing check test. Through this, we hope to get people to notice and identify their hearing loss earlier and get their hearing back to normalcy real quick.



Creative Team

Prasiddha thiyagarajan

Art director :
Pupé Achavakulthep



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