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    McCann Torre Lazur (USA)

    Project Title: #attemptlife
    Client or Class Name: McCann Torre Lazur - www.mccanntorrelazur.com

    2x Winner – Silver Non Profit Website & Bronze Social Media

    Campaign Objective:

    Suicide is a universal and permanent tragedy. For every 1 suicide, there are 20 attempts. Can we intervene before forever is decided? When an MTL staff member lost someone close to her to suicide, she decided to dedicate her efforts to creating an effective and positive movement to support suicide prevention. A hashtag was designed to inspire action; to encourage those suffering to attempt life instead of suicide. #attemptlife was a way of reaching out with support, compassion, and kindness to those vulnerable to suicide with the hope of saving a life.

    Campaign Strategy:

    For World Suicide Prevention Day 2015, a small group at MTL rallied around this cause and with limited funds launched #attemptlife, inviting people to share videos of themselves attempting life across social media. We partnered with the International Association for Suicide Prevention and took to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr to spread the message about what people could attempt with their life, instead of making an attempt on their life. Every brave, fun, and creative attempt was meant to be a life-saving act.

    Target Audience:

    Everyone, because we all can be affected by suicide.

    2016 Social Media Design Award Winner

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    Creative Team

    VP, Executive Producer:
    Jennifer Dee

    Chief Creative Officer:
    Marcia Goddard

    Creative Director:
    Katharine Imbro

    Creative Services Director:
    Stacey Crowley

    Art Supervisor:
    Heather Canova

    Copy Supervisor:
    Fiana Jackameit

    VFX, Animation Specialist:
    Patrick Johnson

    Content Producer:
    Becca Binder



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