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Project Title: Aquafina Sparkling
Client or Class Name: PepsiCo -

Clean, refreshing and good for you. That’s the essence of Aquafina Sparkling Water, a new premium beverage that is targeted towards savvy Gen X consumers. The design captures the effervescence and delight of this naturally flavored sparkling water, which is as elegant and flavorful as its packaging.

As better-for-you beverages keep trending, we saw an opportunity to create a modern update on traditional soda. Aquafina Sparkling Water caters to people who want their drink to be fizzy and delicious without anything extra. When creating the visual identity, we set out to communicate the experience of delightful taste and clean ingredients. For the slim and tall single serve can we selected a white background that conveyed sophistication and purity. Playful graphics of fruit illustrations at the top of the can added a sense of fun while also signaling the flavor. A luminous color gradation at the bottom is paired with tiny colored bubbles, clearly communicating fizz and excitement. To add depth and detail to the design, the graphics and word mark—the redesigned Aquafina logo— were treated with a metallic sheen, as if the can’s glossy surface was peeking through. The rounded lower case font in the flavor descriptions is approachable and friendly, while also looking clean and contemporary.

The packaging’s combination of lighthearted graphics, clean elegance and smart messaging perfectly illustrates the essence of this delightful beverage and gives it a unique presence of the shelf.

2016 Beverage Packaging Design Award Winner



Creative Team

PepsiCo Design & Innovation



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