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Project Title: Al Mawarid
Client or Class Name: Al Mawarid -

Al Mawarid Manpower’s rebrand sees the swapping out of its iconic M and blue colour.

Al Mawarid has moved to a strategic approach with a minimal look, taking on a new symbol based on the Golden Ratio, also known as the Fibonacci sequence. In order to embody Mawarid’s core business of manpower recruitment and its desire to position itself as a professional organisation that would set it apart from its competition, a strong, simple, and clean visual message has been designed.
The visual strategy incorporates the organisation’s core business in an appealing design for clients looking to hire, as well as people looking to be hired through a professional agency, locally and internationally.

Mawarid has 14 branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with alliances across the globe. It is important to convey that the organisation has strong roots within the country as well as its international ties which allow it to source the right talent as and when required. The brand therefore has been positioned as “Local Source – Global Reach”.

The strategy has been formed around the attributes of having the “right people with the right attitude and skills at the right time, which amounts to perfection”. The value of perfection is represented through the use of the Golden Ratio, which is the foundation of the entire rebranding exercise.

The colour palette has been brightened up, with the icon appearing in an energetic yellow to refect vibrancy, effciency and zeal. The shades and tones of grey reflect trust, solidarity, assurance, and credence. The rebrand also incorporates interior design of the retail space and environment graphics. The aim was to “humanise” Al Mawarid with a human centred design approach. Emphasis was put on each brand touch point, whether it be print, digital or the physical space incorporating architecture and interior design. This will enable us to deliver the message and create an engaging brand experience for the audience and stakeholders.

The new logo, with its human-centred approach, brighter colours and softer logotype will allow customers to connect with the brand on an emotional, rather than a logistical, level.

The new visual identity rolled out from January and is to be implemented across all of Al Mawarid’s communication, following a redesign of the nationwide retail spaces and website.


Creative Team

Design Director and Designer:
Rehan Saiyed


2018 Branding Campaign Design Award Winner 2018 Branding Campaign Design Award Winner 2018 Branding Campaign Design Award Winner 2018 Branding Campaign Design Award Winner


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