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Project Title: ADIDAS : LET ME IN
Client or Class Name: ADIDAS : LET ME IN TEAM -

According to statistics from the US Brain Research institute, only one of out every three people achieve their New Year’s resolutions!

Especially when they involve tough goals, like working out and losing weight. Adidas presents a new platform for people in their twenties who can’t seem to nail that New Year’s resolution!

We named it Adidas : Let Me In!

Let me in is IOT Automatic door lock application that Doesn’t unlock until fill daily running quota. Besides with Instagram(Working on one of the most popular social platforms for people in their twenties), this innovative method helps you finish what you start!

With Let me in, We can achive our New Year’s resolution this time!


Creative Team

copy writer:
Ha Yul Song

editor :
hyunjae Park

illustrator :
jae hyun jeong

motion grapher:
taeyul Ko



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