A True Story

Animated Film

Spin Animation (Canada)

Project Title: A True Story
Client or Class Name: Creativ Software AG - www.creativ.ch

Trouble brews in the company. The software fails and the boss finds himself under a massive bubble of problems. Fortunately, the saviors are not far at all and ready with a swift solution. But just how do they actually do that?

– The task at hand was to create a short imagefilm for use on the client’s website, premiering with a projection at a company event. We proposed a narrative approach, with focus of creating interest in the viewer through a music-driven story and charming humor. The use of a narrator and/or understandable dialogue may be expected in this kind of genre, but we decided against the safety net, much in favor of character animation and visual metaphors. The simple and monochromatic design is not just a product of budget limitations, it also serves the message “simplify complexity”.



Creative Team

Creative Firm:
screenFOODnet AG

Creator, Writer, Designer, Director:
Marco Zuber

Writer, Producer:
Bianca Straub

Storyboard, Animation, Compositing, Editing, Sound Design, Voices:
Simon Piniel

Yerika Ali

Thomas VanOosting