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Mermaid, Inc. (USA)

Project Title: 602 Mad Logo
Client or Class Name: 625 Mad - n/a

602 Mad Logo

Assignment: Mermaid, Inc. partnered with the Lorelli ad agency to create a logo for 625 Madison Avenue that would stand out from the other buildings in the historically stodgy NYC Plaza District

Approach: By naming the building “625 Mad” rather than “625 Madison” we gave the logo an immediate hip flair.  This, combined with the cool, future-forward topography, gave the building a distinct look from its more staid competition

Results: The logo has succeeded in setting 625 Mad apart from its competition & appeals to the next generation of business people

2019 Logo Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Creative Director:
Sharon McLaughlin

Creative Director:
Domenick Lorelli

Managing Director:
Colleen Talay

UI Director:
Bart McLaughlin



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