• 365 days of magic in the Southwest of Portugal


    Omdesign (Portugal)

    Project Title: 365 days of magic in the Southwest of Portugal
    Client or Class Name: Associação Casas Brancas - www.casasbrancas.pt

    This  promotional  film  introduces  the  Southwest  of  Europe  and  the  Costa Vicentina,  as  well  as  everything  that  the  region  and  the  Casas  Brancas association have to offer.

    The tranquillity of the region, the spirit and the genuine nature of the friendly people who welcome you all year round, the tourists that choose the Casas Brancas association to learn about and explore this alternative destination, are clearly shown in 4 minutes of film.

    This is a real invitation to get to know a memorable place, which is not overcrowded, at any time of year. Quality accommodation, restaurants, and sports and leisure activities are available, in one of the best preserved coastal areas in Europe.

    The film made by Omdesign, a Portuguese advertising agency, clearly shows the positioning of the Casas Brancas network and its human touch. The simple yet compelling way the story is told, first by a child and then by a mother, commends the magic and the sensations that can be experienced in this little corner of Southwest Europe, over and over again, 365 days a year.


    Creative Team

    General Manager:
    Diogo Gama Rocha

    Agency, Creativity and Production:

    Manuel Gomes da Costa



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