2019 D&M Magazine


AWCoMAD, Drexel University (USA)

Project Title: 2019 D&M Magazine
Client or Class Name: Westphal College of Media Arts and Design - www.drexel.edu/westphal

The D&M Magazine is a student-driven magazine developed around themes of Drexel University, Philadelphia, fashion/design, lifestyle, technology and their various intersections. The magazine, published annually in the spring, includes informational articles, features and interviews, fashion photography, graphic design, and paid advertisements.   Students are introduced to the concept of holistic magazine design, in which all the elements including content, graphic design, writing style, photography, and advertisements come together to form a uniform whole. Students work collaboratively among their own discipline and with graphic design, fashion design, and photography students. All content and design decisions must relate to the overall theme of the magazine and to the intended audience.   The D&M Magazine is published annually in May and is distributed at the annual Drexel Fashion Show and at recruitment events. 1500 copies are printed with a readership of approximately 3000.  The D&M magazine is primarily used as a publicity vehicle for the Department of Design as well as the Westphal College of Media Arts and Design at Drexel University and is distributed to parents, prospective students and benefactors of the college.

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2019 Magazine Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Faculty Editor:
Nick Cassway

Art Director:
Victoria Costa

Art Director:
Elizabeth Bauman

Student Editor-in-Chief:
Evangeline Hala

Style Editor:
Luisa Rossi



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