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Reputation Copenhagen (Denmark)

Project Title: Hear more!
Client or Class Name: Jabra - www.jabra.com

Peter is dreaming of a wall; a wall that can spare him many of the disturbances that are part of the open-space office culture of his company. Unable to focus and concentrate during the day, his mind is cluttered by work when returning to his family. Frustrated and eventually sad, that he’s not there for them, he decides to act on the problem!

Watch Peter’s inspiring story and how Jabra Evolve has made an impact on his business and the way he works. The usage of Evolve 80 has led to a balanced work environment and a thriving business. Jabra Evolve provides the possibility to focus at work when you need to, interact with your colleges and get more tasks done at the end of the day, ensuring his employees a great work/life balance.


Creative Team

Director and editor:
Martin Trolle

Sebastian Jensen



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