2017 Chrysler Pacifica Reveal Experience

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Project Title: 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Reveal Experience
Client or Class Name: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles - chrysler.devx.miamistudio.org/

Chrysler asked us to create a new site to launch their most revolutionary vehicle to date—the Chrysler Pacifica. This was truly a next generation family vehicle, the successor to the legendary Town & Country, and anything but your mother’s minivan. It was designed from scratch to offer hybrid technology with 80 MPGe, 8 passenger seating, mind-blowing safety features and Jetson’s-level technology that makes it feel, at times, like it’s driving itself.

The target was the “modern parent”—busy, stressed, loving, caring and connected. They exist in a world of “organized chaos”. We crafted a backstory of “organized chaos” for the Chrysler Pacifica launch, positioning the vehicle not as a means to eliminate these moments but, instead, as the ultimate tool to help parents and kids make the most of each one. The story drove the creative and the execution from start to finish. It began with a 10-day photo and video shoot in Southern California. We mapped out real-life scenarios to showcase the Pacifica in the context of “organized chaos” and captured hundreds of beautiful images and video clips. In tandem, we designed and launched the Chrysler Pacifica reveal site. The site was designed and developed to showcase the vehicle with big, beautiful visuals, entertaining videos and copy that brought the “organized chaos” story to life.

The site experience went live during the Detroit Auto Show to coincide with the vehicle’s launch. The automotive press, visitors and consumers had an immediate source of information about the vehicle and were able to immerse themselves in the “organized chaos” story. In its first month, the site had more than 246,500 visits. Desktop visitors spent more than 4 minutes per visit, while mobile visitors spent over two minutes learning about the Pacifica and interacting with the content.


Creative Team

Associate Creative Director:
Paul Amelchenko

Copy Writer:
Patrick Buchanan

Account Director:
Alan Clisch

Senior Art Director:
Mario Gomez

Danny Fernandez

Jack Nelson

Experience Design(UX):
Guto Nicolucci

Design Director:
Alejandro Mendoza

Art Director:
Juan Ortega

Asset Manager:
Alexa Quirch

Creative Director:
Boris Stojanovic

Video Editor:
Javiar Urquiza

Lead Developer:
Michael Valeron

Alex Gonzalez-Espino

Account Supervisor:
Courtney Woody

Project Manager:
Laura Zubillaga


2016 Consumer Website Design Award Winner 2016 Consumer Website Design Award Winner


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