2013 MTV Video Music Awards

Alternative Media
Integrated Campaign

MTV On-Air Promos (USA)

Project Title: 2013 MTV Video Music Awards
Client or Class Name: MTV - www.mtv.com


-On-Air: No Sleep – Words; Miley Cyrus; Katy Perry;

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis; Brooklyn is Buzzing; Laundry List

            -Print: Key Art – Out of House

            -Online: Social Media; Online Takeovers

For the first MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn, we knew our marketing campaign had to feel driving, authentic and as epic as the stars performing on the show. With the Beastie Boys providing the iconic soundtrack on-air, we turned the spotlight on each artist and their army of superfans – the passionate and obsessed fandoms that love and emulate their favorite artists in very vocal ways. We wanted to bring to life the idea that when you invite someone like Katy Perry (or Macklemore, or Miley Cyrus) to perform on your awards show, you’re not just inviting them – you’re inviting their throngs of fans along for the ride too. Online, we mobilized these armies with inventive social activity and one-of-a-kind takeovers. On every platform, in every space, it was no sleep til Brooklyn.



Creative Team

MTV On-Air Design

MTV Off-Air Creative

MTV Online

SVP, MTV On-Air Promos:
Amy Campbell

VP/Creative Director, MTV On-Air Promos:
Lu Chekowsky

VP Strategy, MTV On-Air Promos:
Lauren Epstein

Editorial Director, MTV On-Air Promos:
Justin Russell

Executive Producer:
Kris Walter

Writer, MTV On-Air Promos:
Paul Wig

Allan Broce

Eric Chang

Steve Elliott

Dave Laden

Director, MTV On-Air Promos:
Patrick Cummings

Seyi Peter-Thomas

Producer, OuterBorough Pictures:
Janie Brown

Producer, Brink Studio:
Richard Cureton

Director of Photography:
Jeff Cutter

Director of Photography:
Andre Pienaar

Production Designer:
Dan Butts

Production Designer:
Susan MacQuarrie

SVP, Head of Design, MTV Off-Air Creative/On-Air Design:
Jeffrey Keyton

VP, MTV Off-Air Creative:
Jim deBarros

VP, MTV On-Air Design:
Romy Mann

Sr. Art Director, MTV Off-Air Creative:
Rich Browd

Design Director, MTV Off-Air Creative:
Lance Rusoff

Sr. Design Director, MTV Off-Air Creative:
Thomas Berger

Supervising Producer, MTV Off-Air Creative:
Kevin Serapilio

Producer, MTV On-Air Design:
Tina Corrado

Managing Producer, MTV Off-Air Creative:
Michelle Fonseca

Animator, MTV On-Air Design:
Amy Messacar

Writer/Producer, MTV On-Air Promos:
Rich Gonzalez

Writer/Producer, MTV On-Air Promos:
Katie Moore

Production Manager, MTV On-Air Promos:
Lisa Nussbaum

Editor, Post Millennium:
Erik Auli

Editor, Great City Productions:
Michael Equi

Editor, Great City Productions:
Brenden Beecy

Editor, Great City Productions:
Che Broadnax

Audio, The Lodge:
John Northcraft

Audio, The Lodge:
Colin Thibadeau

Audio, Great City Productions:
Jay Culliton

SVP, Connected Content, MTV:
Colin Helms

VP, Content Marketing & Fan Engagement, MTV Online:
Thomas Fishman

Director, Social Media, MTV Online:
Sarah Epler

Manager, Digital Marketing, MTV:
Matt McDonough



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