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    Project Title: 13 Clementines of Halloween
    Client or Class Name: Clementine Creative Agency - clementinecreativeagency.com

    The 13 Clementines of Halloween series was developed to highlight the creativity and personality of our agency using our “mascot”, Clementine. To celebrate one of our favorite holidays, we outfitted a group of clementines into a variety of Halloween costumes, ranging from pop culture icons like Stranger Things to old school children’s costumes such as the traditional sheet ghost and jack-o-lantern.

    Throughout the month of October, we used a specific posting schedule to highlight the Clementine costumes. On Instagram, we published one costume each Monday and Friday with one post of regularly scheduled content in between. This created a unique pattern on our Instagram profile.

    On Facebook, we posted a collection of costumes into an album each Friday. This allowed us to feature new costumes in addition to those posted on Instagram without the risk of posting too often causing followers to tire of the message.

    The 13 Clementines of Halloween boosted our Facebook and Instagram performance for the month of October. We saw an increase in impressions and engagements from our audience and those who found our posts via hashtags and shares; Facebook impressions increased by almost 300% MOM while Instagram engagements increased by 64%.

    2018 Social Media Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Manager, Social Media and Brand Engagement:
    Rachel Regal Melvin

    Creative Director:
    Merissa Davis

    Managing Director:
    Jennifer Nilsson