• 1/10/60

    Book Design

    Choong Ho Lee (South Korea)

    Project Title: 1/10/60
    Client or Class Name: University of Ulsan - global.ulsan.ac.kr

    This book is the visual record of people using a particular space for a day. This book is divided into three parts and each part records the use of space in units of 1 minute, 10 minutes, and 60 minutes. The first part shows people entering and leaving every minute. The second part illustrates the change of table usage every 10 minutes and the last part is about the flow of space occupancy which is recorded every hour. Physical space can be seen differently depending on how it is treated. In case of a place which is used by many people, different people can have different impressions about the place even though the basic structure of it is not changed at all. Perception of space is one of the key factors which forms characteristics of a particular space and has influence on the understanding of it.

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    2017 Book Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Art Director:
    Choong Ho Lee



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