1+( ) Global Network Illustration Fair


DAEKI & JUN Studio (South Korea)

Project Title: 1+( ) Global Network Illustration Fair
Client or Class Name: Seoul Illustration Fair - www.seoulillustrationfair.co.kr

This project was conducted to design the poster for 1 + ( ) Global Network Illustration Fair, is an evolved form of illustration exhibition for the illustrators who are living in the age of global networks. This exhibition features the works of ninety world-class illustrators who have been communicating with Insu Lee, a Korean artist, through the global social network platform.

The poster for the promotion of the exhibition used the mathematical phrase “1 + ( ).” The forms of Arabic number one and the parentheses represent visual connection. The Arabic number one refers to the Korean illustrator Insu Lee, while the plus mark that symbolizes connection also uses a square grid form to express the global network through the Internet. The number of square boxes formed by the grid is exactly ninety-one, which is also the number of illustrators who participated in this exhibition.

2016 Poster Design Award Winner


Creative Team

Art Director & Designer (DAEKI & JUN Studio):
Daeki Shim

Art Director & Designer (K-ARTS):
Hyun Cho



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