• Wendy Wetherbee
    Wendy Wetherbee

    Born to a family full of creative thinkers — artists, musicians, poets, and entrepreneurs, Wendy was destined to become a self-employed creative. Her genes served up equal helpings of good business sense and creativity, and peppered them with an independent streak so fierce that there wasn’t much question that she needed to be her own boss. Wendy writes:

    “During art school in Boston, I was convinced that fine art was the only true art. Even to think of commercial art was to “sell-out”. That was back when the Museum School didn’t offer design courses — times have changed. I did some brief stints as photo-lab manager, commercial photographer, antique dealer, bass player and singer, before fate pushed me to choose a new path and I returned to school. I did the most evil thing I could think of… I studied design and happily landed my first job as an art director, where I built a strong portfolio filled with heavy hitters. That portfolio landed me a great contract at a large east coast agency.”

    She worked almost a decade as a freelancer / contractor, working with agencies, internationally known companies, smaller local firms and many non-profits. Then, she formed Wetherbee Creative & Web with her husband Neil, when the need to move from solopreneur to a growing partnership made sense.