• Daniel “Catfish” Russ
    Daniel “Catfish” Russ

    I have worked at the Martin Agency, GSD&M, and R&R Partners.
    I have made a lot of ads.

    I did stand-up comedy for 11 years. I opened for Bill Hicks and Sam Kinison. I know how to deliver a message. I am an unapologetic nerd. I read books like “The Siege of Malta,” and “Barbarossa, The First Seven Days.” I write and publish military history. I see the mistakes in movies. I have Air Force Tourette’s Syndrome: If I see a combat aircraft, I have to blurt out its name and development history. I know science too. I speak passable French. Look at the bright side. When we are shooting in Paris, I’ll order at restaurants and make sure we don’t get served off of the tourist menu. I studied to be a Rabbi. It didn’t exactly take and ultimately this may not mean much. But if you ever need to feel guilty about anything or need someone who frequently talks to God, I am your man. I can fight. I had twenty-five of them. In the ring. And who knows if you’ll ever need anyone to hit someone at work. But if you do ever need someone to hit someone else, I’m your man. Which is a problem because I’m a pacifist. I play blues harmonica. I have played with David Kersh, Danny Levin, Dale Watson and The Fabulous Thunderbirds. I have lived a full life. I have done something. I have been around the world and I bring something more to the table than just awards. And I bring those too.