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    Project Title: takeda
    Client or Class Name: Takeda - www.takeda.com/company/worldwide/

    The Brief

    Takeda Pharmaceuticals required a welcome pack for new recruits that was compact, easy to carry, innovative, sleek and distinctive whilst also being eco-friendly and true to Takeda’s rich cultural history.

    Takeda is an innovative company with its extensive range of medicinal products and R&D section, boasting Japanese heritage with the benefit of multicultural employees. The pack was required to portray theseĀ attributes & leave a lasting impression fostering pride & creativity.

    Location & Scale

    Takeda’s welcome pack is being used internally at their office in Dubai, UAE and across the world. The client has used 250 pieces in English to start with and is currently adapting the pack in Arabic, Algerian and French.


    The welcome pack is a compact cylinder made using sustainable production methods and material. The kit is a brown paper cylinder with a rice paper window that represents Japanese Shoji paper windows.


    • Welcome letter scroll representing the rich history of Takeda and it’sĀ Japanese roots. The scroll has printed on it, a QR code directed to an induction microsite, a Japanese script that is the original credo of Takeda and forms the basis of its values and philosophy
    • USB drive designed to look like bamboo with a laser cut logo containing further instructions and an interactive presentation
    • ‘be onboard’ badge is red and circular representing the rising sun on the Japanese flag. It is magnetically attached inside the lid of the cylinder, removable by lifting the brown ribbon.

    2016 Collateral ,material Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Creative Director:
    James Wood

    Associate Art Director:
    Sancharee Saha


    2016 Collateral ,material Design Award Winner 2016 Collateral ,material Design Award Winner


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